Julia Ivanova is the creative force behind all aspects of the film including directing and photography, writing, shooting, and editing. In the last 12 years Julia has made a number of documentaries on the topic of orphanhood and her insight into the subject makes this a powerful film.
Stanislav is a versatile and experienced cameraman that has been shooting POV documentaries, reality and news since 2002. He is an instructor at 1st National Television School in Kiev, Ukraine.

Interfilm’s “hands on” producer in charge of development and production as well as marketing for the slate of documentaries. From day one that Julia discovered the story of Olga Nenya in a Russian Newspaper he has been behind the project.
Rivka started her musical career at the age of eight when she sang her first song Dreamers Travelers, written by her ten-year-old sister Natalie. Recently she composed (with Natalie) and recorded three new songs which can be heard on their website Rivnada.com